We provide any support needed regarding legal property services. We are completely independent and will only ever act in your best interests.


As part of the home-buying process we will carry out a variety of “searches” with the local authority and other parties. Searches are carried out to discover additional information about a property that often may not be obvious. The searches may highlight planning or structural issues that could either affect the value of the property, or result in additional costs further down the line.


Our extensive experience allows us to provide legal advice on buying, selling, renting out a property in Spain. We will guide you through the entire process, avoiding extra costs and taking the necessary measures to guarantee that all the Spanish legal requirements are met and that the property is free of encumbrances or loans.


We have an expert team on property law that will take care of contract drafting for you.


During all the steps of the Notary, we will offer you every assistance necessary. I will accompany you to the purchase signing  before the Notary, translating simultaneously into English the contents of the deeds as well as all the points stated by the Notary  to ensure you have a perfect understanding of the purchase process and the deeds of sale. If you can not attend the signing, I will act on your behalf through a Power of Attorney.


As well as being specialists in property law and providing legal advice on every step of the acquisition of a property in Spain, we also offer legal advice on other matters.


“Elena Lino has been an enormous help to us; guiding us through the purchase process and always being there with prompt replies and practical advice, saving us money in the process.  Her written and spoken English is excellent and we would have no hesitation in recommending her expert and professional services to anyone contemplating buying property in Galicia”.

Elena has been and still is great help to us in helping us with the purchase of property here in Galicia, We would thoughly recommend her.

 “Foreign culture, foreign language, different rules, different procedures; I’m not a fool yet I found it a little unsettling in the face of fast talking spaniards looking to sell to innocent brits. Elena has been super – not only easy to get on with, but so helpful and caring too. My brief at the start to her was simple: ‘I want everything done completely; I never ever want any comebacks at all over anything; no complications, no queries about this or that, I want everything wrapped up tight or we do not buy.’ She understood me! We have completed several transactions together, the longest taking a year. This particular case was tricky due to missing paperwork, incorrect paperwork,  some very strict and muti-layered legal rules, but not only did she do her work, she also was able to work with the sellers through some jolly tricky stuff and keep everyone on side, which was no mean feat.”

We had lived in southern Spain for 4 years before deciding to relocate to Galicia. Various expats told us that purchasing a property in Galicia was straightforward and only a notary was required instead of a more expensive lawyer. Fortunately for us, we ignored this misinformed opinion and employed the services of Elena Lino. We found her professional legal services to be excellent in every way! She communicated regularly by email and telephone advising us on her investigations regarding the property we were interested in. She uncovered various anomalies with the property that even the existing owners were unaware of and thus saved us a lot of money by making a bad purchase. We would certainly recommend Elena Lino based on our experience.” T and S (expat property buyers)

“We have worked with Elena for several years in connection with our property in Galicia, establishing boundaries, catastral ownership, registration at the local Land Registry and rectifications of Escrituras, Spanish POA etc. She has been highly efficient throughout and guided us skillfully and sensitively through some – for us – complex areas, always successfully. Our experience working with Elena has emphasised the importance of having a Spanish lawyer closely involved with any property purchase, working together with the Notary. She has been persistent, worked very effectively with other agencies and shows real attention to detail. Elena has been flexible in terms of our schedules, speaks excellent English and is a genuine pleasure to work with. She responds swiftly to our emails and is meticulous in preparing documents. We would recommend her strongly”.

York. UK

“In early 2017,  my wife and I found Miss Lino Garcia’s website and were impressed by the professional way in which she described her business and experience.  We, therefore, asked her to handle the conveyancing of our house purchase in Galicia.  The first property we chose turned out to have too many legal problems, which Miss Garcia identified and explained to us in perfect English.  We found a second similar property in September and the whole process was completed by the end of October when we moved into our new home.  We are now also fully registered as owners with the Land Registry.

I cannot recommend Miss Lino Garcia highly enough for her expertise and knowledge.  She answered all our queries promptly and kept us informed throughout the entire process.   I would advise anyone considering purchasing a property in Galicia to make use of her services.

“Elena helped me get my Spanish residency after a few months of anxiety following the referendum in the UK in 2016. Elena had good knowledge of Spanish residency and citizenship rules and was a great practical help in liaising with various offices regarding health insurance and getting the residency itself. She even came with me to the police station to submit and process the final paperwork and I was delighted to leave with my little green card the same day. In addition, Elena got me some accountancy advice and translated that for me.  I would not hesitate to recommend Elena if you need similar help. I had sought Elena’s help several years before about Galician property documentation, and her knowledge and expertise were very valuable in that as well.”

Elena is very efficient and accommodating to all your needs; speaks good English and the best foreign lawyer I have ever hired. Well worth the investment and will save you money in the long-run.

Elena was very helpful and professional and her English is excellent. I would highly recommend her if you are thinking of buying a property in Spain.

Elena is one of the most professional lawyers I have ever worked with. She is knowledgeable in Spanish law and is resourceful to furnish you an answer for virtually any legal question. Elena works very hard to make sure your case is resolved to your satisfaction. I would not hesitate to recommend Elena for any legal questions you may have.

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