Our fees


Our fees depend on the complexity of the situation, the work involved and the value of the transaction, although the standard package for an uncomplicated conveyancing process is 1800 € + VAT.

Below we clarify which elements are included in the standard package at 1800 €.

Clients are free to terminate our services at any time, paying only for the work executed at that time.

An estimate of our costs will be provided prior to starting any procedures.

For other legal services an estimate of our costs will be provided prior to start any procedures.

Provision of servicesIncluded/Extra
Providing information on the buying processIncluded
Advising regarding fees and taxes applicable during and after saleIncluded
Advising regarding the payment of costs and national/local taxes arising from the purchaseIncluded
Advising regarding the roles of gestors, asesores and fiscal representativesIncluded
Advising regarding the law on fiscal representation and implicationsIncluded
Advising regarding any withholding tax obligations arising from foreign residence of buyer[s]Included
Advising regarding agents’ reputationsIncluded
Assisting with the negotiation of the priceIncluded
Advising on the question of size and nature of the deposit and final paymentIncluded
Dialogue on the nature and mechanics of payment – deposit and finalIncluded
Advice on any particular Spanish aspects of the purchaseIncluded
Introduction to sources of financeIncluded
Checking title by obtaining and reviewing Catastral and Registro dataIncluded
Enquiring at the Catastro and/or the Registro re implications of any irregularitiesIncluded
Checking that the property is free of any charges, mortgage or the likeIncluded
Advising on how to deal with any title complications arisingIncluded
Checking on the coastal boundary lineIncluded
Advising the client about any extra paperwork required to legalize the property or ensure the registration of the property in the Land RegistryIncluded
Advising whether there are any problems with the property which the sellers would need to rectify prior to the purchase signing. Included
Chasing the sellers/ estate agent to rectify the deeds or other documents according to our legal instruccionsIncluded
Checking on any rights in favour of neighboursIncluded
Checking on any old/new building licences requiredIncluded
Checking local planning regulationsIncluded
Checking local council building, road and rail plans – Informe urbanisticoIncluded
Enquiries re any specific alteration/refurbishment proposals [reformas]Included
Dialogue on the choice and location of notaryIncluded
Drafting the arras (deposit) contract and negotiating with the seller/agentIncluded
Translating the arras contractIncluded
Drafting or agreeing the escritura with the notaryIncluded
Supervising the work done by the notaryIncluded
Ensuring the discharging of any existing mortgageIncluded
Attending the signing of the escritura and dealing with issues arisingIncluded
Obtaining copies of the formal documents and supplying same to clientIncluded
Assisting with payment of notary and/or fiscal representative billsIncluded
Assisting with payment of taxesIncluded
Assisting with registration of titleIncluded
Liaising frequently with the client throughout the process – by phone an emailIncluded
Providing regular updates of the ChecklistIncluded
Responding to client enquiries as requiredIncluded
Correcting Catastro data prior to or post the signing of the escrituraExtra-Legal
Responding to bank enquiries regarding a mortgageExtra-Legal
Dialogue with whomsoever re the problem of property without proof of titleExtra-Legal
Devising solutions to the problem of unclear titleExtra-Legal
Obtaining a survey in respect of the land to be bought required for rectificationExtra-Legal
Assisting with the production of a Power of Attorney in either the UK or SpainExtra-Legal
Translating a Power of AttorneyExtra-Legal
Translating the escrituraExtra-Legal
Providing English translations of all papersExtra-Legal
Production of WillsExtra-Legal
Providing legal advice unrelated to propertyExtra-Legal
Assistance with selling your propertyExtra-Legal
Assisting with the appointment of a gestor, asesor and/or fiscal representativeExtra-Legal
Chasing the client’s gestor, asesor and/or fiscal representativeExtra-Legal
Assisting with the obtaining of NIE(s), either in the UK or SpainExtra-Legal
Assisting with the opening of a Spanish bank accountExtra-Legal
Assisting with a mortgage applicationExtra-Legal
Assisting with obtaining a structural surveyExtra-Legal
Translating a structural survey reportExtra-Legal
Reporting on the implications of a structural surveyExtra-Legal
Assisting with the transfer of gas, water and/or electricity accountsExtra-Legal
Advising on the availability of grants from local authoritiesExtra-Legal
Enquiring regarding grantsExtra-Legal
Assisting with the negotiation of grantsExtra-Legal
Discussing aspects of construction with builders and reporting to clientExtra-Legal
Chasing builders in respect of relevant licencesExtra-Legal
Advising on Community Statutes in apartment blocksExtra-Legal
Obtaining and translating Community StatutesExtra-Legal
Dialogue with the seller’s lawyer on the issue of renting the propertyExtra-Legal
Writing or reviewing contracts for renting out the propertyExtra-Legal