About Us

I am an English-speaking Spanish solicitor, registered with the Pontevedra Law Society for 21 years. I practice law in Spain, managing my own law firm, with an extensive experience in property law. My firm focuses on delivering the highest standard of service with a personal touch that really makes the difference.

I am based in Galicia, therefore I am familiar with the regional urban plans /laws and the problems specific to the region. Likewise, I can easily visit the Notaries and the town hall of the municipality where you are buying.

Over 10 years, I have gained extensive experience in providing legal advice to international clients, mainly British, essentially protecting their interests in Spain. I actively assist them from first contact right through to the conclusion of the matter in question. British clients look to me when, among other things, they need to buy, rent or sell a home in Spain; or to deal with the complexities of a personal injury claim; to negotiate a contract; to put a Spanish will in place; to set up a business; to divorce before Spanish Courts, to get recognition of UK Divorce Decrees in Spain; to transfer Property to the sole name of one of the parties when there is a divorce or separation or to seek guidance through the Spanish court system.

Elena Lino Garcia - Galicia Property Lawyers

Elena Lino Garcia – Galicia Property Lawyers